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Impact of Financial Stress

See how financial stress affects others just like you and how financial wellness programs can help.


Six Financial Stages

Explore the six main financial life stages and the impact of financial wellness at each stage.


Money Skills for Life

All the tools you need to become financially savvy.

Spending + Saving


Budgeting 101

NerdWallet provides their basic guide to get started with budgeting- one of the foundational habits of financial health.


Decrease Your Expenses

Wells Fargo helps you with identifying areas in your budget where you can decrease your expenses and increase your savings.

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Build Emergency Savings

Centris Federal Credit Union offers this interactive module on the importance of building your emergency savings along with tools and strategies to get started.

Credit + Debt

Credit Card

When and how to get your first credit card.

When should you get a credit card? How do you get approved for your first credit card?

Plastic Hardware Tools

Pay off Debt

Use these tools to get your debt-free date and find a payoff path.

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Build Credit &
Control Debt

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Employment + Income

Job Interview

Landing a Job

Landing a job is a major milestone that requires a lot of thought and effort.


Changing Careers

How to know when it's time to move on -- and how to prepare.

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Negotiating Salary

Now is your time to negotiate a higher salary.


Wall Street

Start Investing

To get started investing, pick a strategy based on the amount you'll invest, the timelines for your investment goals, and the amount of risk that makes sense for you.

Stock Market Graph

Stock Market Simulation

The ideal platform to get your financial feet wet! Submit trades in a virtual environment before you start risking your own capital.

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Investments and Retirement

Khan Academy video series on investments and retirement. A quick and easy way to learn essential skills!

Risk Management + Insurance

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Fraud & Scam Protection

Criminals and con artists use many scams to target unsuspecting people who have access to money

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Risk Management

There is no way to eliminate all risk, but there are ways to avoid, minimize, or protect
yourself and your family from risk.

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Millenial Guide to Insurance

The simple money risk management guide.

Financial Decision-Making

Writing on a Notebook

Personal Finance Decisions

Knowledge and skills necessary to make informed personal finance decisions.

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What is Opportunity Cost?

Opportunity cost refers to the value a person could have received but passed up in pursuit of another option.

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Money As You Grow

No need to be a money expert—the tips and activities here can help your children’s money skills, habits, and attitudes grow.

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