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Nebraska Financial Wellness Month

April 2021

Nebraska Financial Wellness Month is an annual campaign in which organizations across the state work with their communities to improve individual financial wellness. Through a diverse offering of programs, tools and resources, participants in Nebraska Financial Wellness Month will be able to identify their current financial status, create financial goals for the short and long term, and implement realistic plans to achieve those goals.

The Do $1 Thing Pledge is a crucial action item you can take right now to commit to a goal of improving your financial wellness. Submit your pledge today, and become eligible for a $25 drawing every Friday in April!

The Student Essay Contest is an opportunity for students in grades 6-8 to showcase their writing skills and detail how they have already begun to improve their financial wellness!

Become a Partner and utilize the statewide network to share your events and resources helping Nebraskans pursue financial wellness. For more information on participation in Nebraska Financial Wellness Month, explore our 2021 Digital Toolkit.

The Nebraska Financial Education Network is a division of the Nebraska Council on Economic Education.

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