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Nebraska Financial Wellness Month is an annual campaign in which organizations across the state work with their communities to improve individual financial wellness. Through a diverse offering of programs, tools and resources, participants in Nebraska Financial Wellness Month will be able to identify their current financial status, create financial goals for the short and long term, and implement realistic plans to achieve those goals.

What is one thing you can commit to today that will improve your financial wellness? 

 Complete the DO $1 THING form below and share with us how you are committing to your own financial journey. Once you complete the form, you will be entered to win $25!

Drawings for the prize will be announced each Friday of April 2024!

What is your $1 Thing?

Congratulations on committing to your Financial Wellness!



Hundreds of Nebraskans pledged to take steps to improve their Financial Wellness. What ideas do you have to take the first step to improve your financial health?

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